Sahil Fashion Bazar

Made To Measure , Alterations , T&C

The following are the terms and conditions which apply to sales of made-to-measure and Ready Made garments and also to alterations to ready-made garments, purchased from Sahil fashion bazar ( in store and online ) Flagship Store at 10208 Padam Singh road , Karol Bagh , New Delhi  to you, (“the Customer”).


Made-to-measure garments are personally tailored to the Customer’s specifications and cannot be re-sold. Sahil Fashion Bazar is therefore unable to accept any cancellation of an order for a made-to-measure item. Sahil Fashion Bazar will make all reasonable efforts to accommodate any change to an existing order required by a Customer, but cannot guarantee to be able to do so, and reserves the right to make an additional charge to the Customer for any changes. Items purchased from Sahil Fashion Bazar are non exchangeable and non refundable. The garment(s) purchased in store is (are) hand embroidered and hand finished. Due to the complex nature of the garment, embellishments may disintegrate from the fabric. This is not a manufacturing fault. Other fabrics such as chiffon and georgette are subject to pulls and rips as is the nature of the garment.



If the customer is not satisfied with the quality of the delivered items(s), Sahil Fashion Bazar will, following inspection of the goods, implement a strict policy of Repair, Replace and finally Refund, depending on which remedy is the most appropriate.


Orders for alterations to ready-made garments cannot be cancelled and any variation to an alteration order may be subject to an additional charge. Should Sahil Fashion Bazar agree, in its absolute discretion, to accept a cancellation, it reserves the right to make a cancellation charge to the Customer.


In the event of any dispute as to whether a finished made-to-measure item or alteration to a ready-made item conforms with the Customer’s requirements, the description recorded on the Sahil Fashion Bazar Order or Measurement Slip shall be final. Accuracy of measurements submitted to Sahil Fashion Bazar by the Customer will be entirely at the Customer’s own risk.


The Customer agrees to attend a minimum of two fittings of the made-to-measure or altered ready-made garment. Fittings duration will be discussed with the customer ( you ) at the time of taking order (Despatch times are excluded from the aforementioned timetable).


Sahil Fashion Bazar will guarantee delivery of a finished made-to-measure garment to the Customer within the discussed time frame , Incase of a delay , customer will be updated minimum 7 days beforehand for extension of the deadline.

Customers must collect finished articles within 30 days of being advised by Sahil Fashion Bazar that they are available for collection. Failure to collect within this time without the consent of Sahil Fashion Bazar may result in the item being disposed off. Correspondence of delivery will be via electronic mail or contact details recorded on the form. Customers are requested to check the details thoroughly prior to submission.


Ownership of any garment shall not pass to the Customer until paid for in full.


The garment should be kept in a separate cover when not in use and not in contact with any other garment as direct contact with another embroidered outfit may damage it. The garment must be kept out of contact of water and perfumes as they may cause discoloration. The garment must be Dry Cleaned by a reputed dry cleaner company only.